About Hammer Landscaping By Rodney S. Guignet in the Lehigh Valley Hammer Landscaping By Rodney S. Guignet is a landscaping company in Allentown, PA that prides themselves on high quality workmanship and customer satisfaction. Hammer Landscaping specializes in construction landscaping (hardscaping) such as concrete paver walks, patios, driveways, concrete walls, natural stone walls, flag stone walks and patios, steps, fences, etc. We also will install many types of water features, such as waterfalls for pools, water gardens, and ornamental ponds. We do landscape design for large and small projects. We do planting installations of all sizes and types of trees and plants for your properties. We specialize in using a lot of colors and low maintenance in the landscape designs to make your home stand out not disappear into the plantings.

Hammer Landscaping is owned and operated by Rodney S Guignet. He is the fourth generation on both sides of his family that has pursued a career path in Horticulture. The name "Guignet" translates to "Keeper of the Greens" and the name can be traced back to times of royalty where the Guignet Family cared for the gardens of the kings and queens in those times. It is thought that as many as ten generations of Guignet's have pursued this type of work.

In addition to his extensive heritage in horticulture, Rodney S. Guignet has also attended and is certified from Penn State University for Ornamental Nursery Management. Rodney has been doing landscaping since he was 16 years old before he started his first company Expressions Landscaping in January 1985. He was one of the first to start using concrete pavers in the Lehigh Valley. We have come a long way with base preparation and materials since then. He has acquired many certifications in paver and wall installation over the years. In 1998 Rodney S Guignet started a partnership and began operating the company under the name Accents Landscaping Inc., originally from Harrisburg area. Finding out the distance was too great, both partners split and Rodney opened under Extreme Hardscaping. Rodney S Guignet also pursued a career in martial arts training so he opened a martial arts gym in 2003 until 2015. During most of that time, Rodney was working full time at the martial arts training center and was landscaping under his personal name part time. Changing direction, Rodney decided to scale back the martial arts to part time and make landscaping his full time occupation, so he opened up Hammer Landscaping. You can feel confident in your choice with Hammer Landscaping to do any project you may have with over 30 years of experience in landscaping and hardscaping.

Hammer Landscaping By Rodney S. Guignet is looking forward to serving any and all your landscape and hardscape needs. We are pleased to be serving the Lehigh Valley, Whitehall, Northampton, Easton, Allentown, Nazareth, Emmaus, Coplay, Bethlehem, Cherryville, Parkland area, Catasauqua, Palmer, and other surrounding areas.