At Hammer Landscaping our staff will provide the highest quality landscape design and service for all your needs. We pride ourselves in using only the highest quality plant material and mulch products in your designs and installation. Our plantings are creative but yet low maintenance. We use a lot of colors and design your plantings to utilize those colors for the three seasons of growth. Our designs incorporate shrubs, trees and perennials to give you the fullest visual pleasure throughout the year.

We use our planting to set your house and property off to help soften the hard corners and to highlight certain areas. We strive to have a functional landscape that is not just a random placement of plant material but one that has some purpose for the long term not for the quick fix of color. In utilizing some hardscape material such as rocks, garden walls and pavers along with plantings, we will create your garden paradise at home. Have us create your backyard retreat around your new patio or pool. Whatever the situation we will make it a place where you will be proud to have your friends and family over to relax.

Landscaping Lehigh Valley


Our hardscaping department prides itself on using the highest quality products in their installation projects. We design and install many types of paver walkways, patios, driveways, parking areas, stoops, and garden walks. Other products used are natural stone, flag stone, blue stone, and slate.

We design and install many types of walls, such as garden, retention, cosmetic, and courtyard walls. We use man-made architect blocks, natural stone walls, and masoned brick or block walls.

We will design your outdoor paradise and living areas. We can design outdoor kitchen areas, outdoor living rooms, covered structures, fire pits, fire walls, sitting areas, and shade structures.

Paver Walkway - Hardscaping Lehigh Valley

Water Features

Hammer Landscaping By Rodney S. Guignet will create your water paradise, which can include ponds, waterfalls, fountains and any other water gardening needs. We will design and install all types of koi ponds, reflection ponds, waterfall ponds, water plant ponds and marsh area for plant life. Our pond designs use the highest quality equipment and may include filtration, liners, underlayment, UV-sterilization, underwater lighting, fountains, waterfalls, streams, fish and plant life and more.

Hammer Landscaping also installs concrete fountains of your choice. We will deliver and install the fountains. Our staff can design an area for the fountain and assist with the electric and base placement.

Hammer Landscaping would love to design and install your pool's waterfall features and transform your inground pool into a water paradise. We can use man-made rock formations or natural rock in designing and installing your roaring, splashing, or smooth as glass waterfall.

Pond - Water Features Lehigh Valley

Grass Cutting

Hammer Landscaping By Rodney S. Guignet takes pride in your lawn. We cut your grass in a pattern remulching the grass so not to increase the thatch layer. All areas would be trimmed and cleaned up so no grass is left on walks and driveways. Hammer Landscaping has clean and up-to-date equipment, trailers and trucks to provide a professional service.

Schedule your time for a weekly cut with Hammer Landscaping. If you need us to give your yard a fresh look for an event at your house, we can also do a special cut for you.

Grass Cutting Lehigh Valley